Antonio Maria Storch

ATW performing THE SELF

A photographic project on occasion of his 90th anniversary

The concept originates from Witold Gombrowicz, one of the most important but yet not sufficiently appreciated writers of our time. Gombrowicz overcomes the existentialist individualism of Sartre by showing that the attraction for being authentic does not gain acceptance since it is deformed by our play with other/s. He inverts the western faith in the utterly value of development and progress by showing that underdevelopment and immaturity may create values sui generis. ATW’s play with masks and images is an attempt of being oneself in this daily struggle.



Andrzej Wirth asked me to take photographs whilst he was presenting himself with various of his masks. All these masks are parts of his life. I was thrilled how a person feels like doing so. We met several times and first of all he recommended me to study his space for getting an idea of his life. Then we started. He presented the masks and put them on. He stood opposite the objects. He played with them. And with all he did, he showed the expression as if he looked at things for the very first time – clearly and explicitly. It was an honor to obverse and retain this through my camera.